OUH Spaces

Marquês de Monfalim Room

A luz está dento da sala.

The M & M room has an architecture that combines the classic with the modern, has a huge window that allows an interaction between the interior and exterior with 140m2 accommodating events up to 120 people, is supported by a Wc cloakroom reception is a cocktail room.

The room allows to divide the space in 2 both enjoying the outside patio.

The room has the necessary infrastructure for banquets up to 120 people including kitchen.

In the outdoor patio there can be room to accommodate 30 more people.

This room is ideal for banquets, receptions, meetings and seminars.

It has exclusive parking for 50 cars.


Deck Tent

Between the mountains and the vineyards

The pavilion, a space specially designed for events with larger dimensions, has its own physical structure with toilet and kitchen infrastructure as well as base to install any type of tent or awning, can accommodate up to 400 people.
This space has its own parking without interfering with the structure of the hotel.
Being in the middle of the vineyards and the mountains, it has total exclusivity and security.
In the pavilion the days are sunny and at the end of the day the sun sets before your eyes.


A shadow below the monument.

The deck is positioned in the heart of the vineyards and under a cork tree over 200 years old. Its canopy covers an area of ​​about 600m2.

In this place the sun always comes filtered through the leaves of this tree making the warm summer evenings in fresh and unique environments.

The deck has a capacity of about 60 people and can be the stage for meals, meetings or simple meetings.

Enjoy the parking of the hotel Palmela house.



The view is breathtaking

The terrace of the Hotel Casa Palmela serves the restaurant together with the gardens and taking the Arrábida mountain and the vineyards of Quinta.
It has capacity for 40 people and is served by the kitchen of the chef of the hotel Casa Palmela. It has support of the entire infrastructure of the hotel.


Elegance and history.

Stage of a lot of history the restaurant of the hotel house Palmela open daily allows its guests unique experiences. The restaurant's Hotel Casa Palmela can cater for an exclusive banquet for up to 60 people, served by our chef and with the hotel's own infrastructure in mind.



Whether it's christening, anniversary, wedding or wine dinner, for us each party has to be unique and unforgettable. We organize any event, planning all the details, and then let the space aura do its magic.

Inside the hotel, between nooks and furniture that tell stories, or outdoors, always overlooking the lung and heart of the Sierra, whatever space you choose, you can count on a lively atmosphere.

It is possible to book the hotel exclusively for your event, enjoying all the rooms, rooms, garden, swimming pool and services that we have.


Work is work, cognac is cognac. But if we can combine them, so much the better. Given the characteristics of Hotel Casa Palmela, we have been able to organize metamorphic events.

Imagine a meeting where you can alternate between the lines of the graphs and those of the Serra, a coffee break with tarts from Azeitão, a business lunch in the shade of the cork oak or sway in a hammock after an afternoon talking about Balance sheets.

We guarantee the professionalism of the Hotel Casa Palmela with personalized service. You will be welcomed as if you were family.