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Gala Menu 

This menu was designed for special events, consists of entry dish and dessert created by the head of the hotel Casa Palmela with a view to match the expectations always with the quality that the hotel demands. For the dishes the necessary combinations can be made to better meet the needs of the event.


Suplemento Bebidas Gala


The choice of this menu should be taken into account when choosing the meal menu. The drinks will be adequate to balance with the dishes that will be served.
Drinks The drinks menu allows you to select appropriately the drinks that accompany the meal menu Lunch, suitable for our deck space, the steering wheel menu allows for a more informal event, always taking into account the quality required by the Hotel Casa Palmela.

Buffet Deck Menu 


Volante Deck Menu

Canapes Menu 


Group Menu


Cheese Table



Beverage Supplement Group